Friday, 12 March 2010

The perfect treasure!

Thanks for popping in and visiting! I hope your week has been great so far, I'm not too sure where this week has gone as I really didn't get as much as I wanted done...oh well...there is always next week? Ive been looking for the perfect hall stand for the new house and last week while browsing eBay I finally found it and for only $100 buy now. WOW, what a deal!!! I showed hubby only to get the opposite reaction that I was looking for, 'Well, it looks very European doesn't it?' Hmmm...I wasn't too happy with that one but when I sent him on his way to pick it up he called me and said, 'This is really nice in real life!' So after that he has decided that wife knows best lol and told me he will leave everything up to me for now on so here it is...

If you haven't noticed I'm loving the old timeworn creamy yellowed pieces.

And the little old Italian cherubs are always a winner in my eyes.

Hope you have a great weekend.


  1. Oh my what a great deal you got on that beauty Siobhan. And Cane, of course your wife knows best! I owe you an email Siobhan ~ love you sweets.

  2. Hi Siobhan

    I know that feeling of not getting as much done as you plan...we need to stop being hard on ourselves for that one though don't we?

    How beautiful your latest find from ebay is....just perfect Siobhan!

    Have a lovely weekend
    xo Gail

  3. Score Siobhan!! I love those cherub hall tables and have sold a few over the years but they havent been as nice as yours with that lovely cream finish. Your new house is going to be fantastic!

  4. OH MY GOD!! what a deal... and what a stunning piece of furniture!!! ITs really unusual.. but that makes it even more special.. enjoy it!!!
    Vic xxx

  5. That is sooo pretty indeed. It looks absolutely beautiful, what a find. Mel xx

  6. Og goregous! Trust you to find that on ebay for a good price :) xx