Saturday, 20 March 2010

My oh my...look whats heading my way!!!

OK, so my husband sat me down the other night for a serious talk, 'I know you are excited about the new house but do you think you could just hold off on buying anymore furniture until we move in?' I know I shouldnt be buying at the moment with things heading into storage so we struck up a deal (I think I got the better end of the deal) He said I could buy one more piece and thats it till we move in so I said, 'Deal' after all I had already picked the piece I wanted! So...what was all this about??? Only the most beautiful piece I have eva seen!!! Take a look at whats coming my way...

Look at the work on this amazing handpainted French bureau...

beauty and function...

I dont think I could ask for anything else in this piece do you?

Even the back is handpainted...WOW! I think its unbelievable...even if the back is a back which doesnt get seen its still complete.

Sadly I wont be seeing much of this piece, its off into storage as soon as its picked up from the lovely Samantha over at Shoestring Splendors Treasures who is one of the sweetest ladys on eBay with the BEST treasures eva!!! If you dont know of Sam please do head on over and check out her items as they are simply stunning! A special thank you to Sam for letting me use her lovely photos.

Now I do hope I can keep my end of the deal that was made with my husband...its asking a lot isnt it??? How do you stop yourself from buying beautiful pieces when you know you shouldnt be?

Have a great weekend.


  1. Good morning Siobhan

    Oh My Goodness - this piece is absolutely stunning!!!

    Now don't forget to behave yourself from now on!

    Have a great weekend, hope you get loads of boxes packed

    love Gail xo

  2. OMG Sobhian, it's absolutely gorgeous! What a treasure! You are one very lucky lady! OK, I'm off now to check out her shop...thanks for sharing.. have a great w/e, Maryann

  3. So so so STUNNING!!!! Oh I would be in heaven to own that lovely piece!! Great deal you truck with hubby and agreed you did get the better end of the deal....!!!

    Enjoy once you get moved....


  4. Oh so very BEAUTIFUL, really a drop dead gorgeous piece Siobhan! I can't wait to see your new place! ~xoxo~ Janet

  5. Siobhan, this desk is stunning...what a lucky girl you will enjoy looking at it and using it every day.


  6. OMG, I think I would have that out from a wall just so you can see all around it! Love it! I bought a ton of stuff before we moved in. Most of the furniture I stored at work, ha ha! I had one dressing table which is covered in mirrors sitting there for 9 months! They were a little peeved at me!