Thursday, 18 March 2010

Falling in love with blue all over again

Here I am sorting yet again...going over all my paintings which I just adore to bits BUT I just cant take everything with me can I??? I had planned on reselling some of my paintings I bought from my lovely and very talented friend Gail as I have a heap of them on the walls and plans for new ones once we have moved in but when I took these photos I think my mind has changed and I have fallen in love with them all over again!!!

This was my very first set of paintings I bought from Gail...a fair few years ago now! I love how she used the old ceiling tin look frames!

And this one was when I was more of the blue girl and didn't has much pink in the house at all. Gail used a photo a jug I had in my collection at the time...didn't it turn out lovely?

And I can remember bidding for this one on was a Friday evening and it was dinner night at my Mother and Father in laws house as I can remember sitting in the hallway on my husbands laptop waiting to put my last minute bid in lol. Isn't it funny what you remember at times?

So sorry guys, these ones are keepers now and wont be listed on eBay...I think they work really well with the cream french furniture and the soft blue fabrics which I just love! I love falling in love with things all over again. Do you have something in your collection that you have just taken for granted? Maybe its time to pull them out and fall in love with them all over again!


  1. those are soooo gorgeous:) how have you been?

  2. Hi Siobhan

    Awh, that was lovely to see those paintings, thank you so much!

    Happy sorting
    Gail xo

  3. Are you crazy girl! What were you thinking getting rid of those gorgeous paintings! Actually they would look sooo good in my lounge room. I'm going cream and blue in there too when I get round to it. have a great day! Maryann

  4. Just found your blog - beautiful pics! I'm following now.

  5. oh my gosh! I am drooling over here with all of that pretty blue and cream!! Would look so perfect in my home!!! tee hee And the chair in the back drop, ooh la la!!! dreamy