Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Boxes & boxes everywhere

I just love receiving boxes in the mail as I know there will be some goodies inside but when my husband brings boxes home empty I'm not to sure I like them? The last week we have started packing up all our treasures and getting ready for our move. Its going to be a big one after being here ten years so lots to clean out. Today's job is going over my linen cupboard and sorting out what I am going to keep so I'm sure it will be fun (not)! I just hate putting all my treasures into boxes not knowing when I will see them next...I really am going to miss them once they go into storage but its just something that must be done.

Hope you are all having a great week so far, do take care.


  1. Packing schnacking...ahhhh it's a terrible job! Hope you get through it with some ease. I also haven't forgotten I owe you an email x

  2. its like christmas when you open them again though. Best advice I can give after our last move is make sure you label each box IN DETAIL. Otherwise its really hard to find that one particular thing you are after!!

  3. OOHH!!! i am sure it will all be good in the end..

    I know what you mean though..

    Jee wiz if I ever had to move...NIGHTMARE!!!

    the last time we moved some 22 odd yrs ago...guess what!!? we moved NEXT DOOR..

    so i think that was we literally just shifted everything over the fence...
    I kid you not..

    xx andrea

  4. Hi Siobhan

    I hear you!
    But it's going to be well worth it! Just think this time next year......hmmmm???

    Happy Packing

    Gail xo xo